Transport and disposal of asbestos waste

Asbestos waste must be disposed of quickly and correctly at an approved waste disposal facility.

Before transporting, you must bag or wrap all asbestos waste to prevent the release of airborne fibres using heavy-duty 200 μm (0.2 mm minimum thickness) polythene bags or sheets. The bagged or wrapped asbestos waste must be secured with adhesive cloth tape and labelled before you take it to a waste disposal facility that accepts asbestos.

Labels should read: Asbestos Waste, do not open or damage bags, do not inhale dust.

Transport requirements for contractors or businesses

Asbestos is a listed waste under the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998.  The NT EPA requires all asbestos removed on a commercial or fee for service basis to be transported by an operator that holds an environment protection licence (EPL).

A list of environment protection licence holders is available on the NT EPA website.

Transport requirements for home owners or DIY renovators

If you are a home owner or DIY renovator removing asbestos or asbestos contaminated dust or debris, you do not need an EPL to transport asbestos waste. However it is recommended that you hire an EPL holder to transport your waste.

If you decide to transport the asbestos waste yourself, place the secured and labelled waste in a trailer or in the back of a utility or truck. Secure your load and make sure the plastic wrappings/bags are not at risk of ripping. Report to the council waste facility office for directions to the asbestos disposal area.