Asbestos workers and removalists

Before working with asbestos it is important you know about removal work, asbestos related work, notifications and health monitoring.

Asbestos removal work

Find out the requirements before you can start asbestos removal work.

Asbestos-related work

Find out about the limited asbestos-related work allowed under the work health and safety legislation.

Notification of asbestos removal

Find out about the notification requirements before you start asbestos removal work.

Health monitoring

Find out about the health monitoring required for certain workers involved in asbestos removal or other asbestos-related work.

Businesses licensed to remove asbestos

Details of businesses that hold Class A and Class B licences to remove asbestos in the Northern Territory.

Licensed asbestos assessors

A licensed assessor is required to carry out air monitoring, clearance inspections and issue clearance certificates for friable asbestos removal.