Prohibited equipment

The use of certain tools and equipment on asbestos or asbestos containing material is prohibited under Northern Territory laws. The following should never be used:

  • high-pressure water spray, jets, power or similar tools and instruments
  • compressed air.

Controlled use allowed

High speed power tools such as angle-grinders, sanders, saws and drills or any other tools or equipment, such as brooms, that can cause the release of asbestos fibres into the air can only be used if:

  • the tool/equipment is enclosed during its use; or
  • the tool/equipment is designed to capture or suppress airborne asbestos and is used in accordance with its design; or
  • the tool/equipment is used in a way that is designed to capture or suppress airborne asbestos safely.


All tools and equipment used during the asbestos removal process must be decontaminated before being removed from the asbestos removal area. Tools and equipment that can't be decontaminated should be double bagged and sealed in asbestos waste bags before removal.

The bags containing the tools or equipment must remain sealed until decontamination.

More information can be found in the How to safely remove asbestos – Code of Practice.