Naturally occuring asbestos

In the majority of workplaces, the asbestos that is encountered and poses a risk to health and safety will be found in manufactured products. However, some workplaces may have to deal with asbestos in its natural state.

Naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) may be encountered in road building sites and construction work, and other excavation activities. Asbestos may occur in veins within rock formations.

A person with management or control of a workplace must manage the risks associated with NOA at the workplace, this includes preparing an asbestos management plan.

The asbestos management plan must include information relating to the following:

  • the identification of NOA
  • decisions, and reasons for decisions, about the management of NOA at the workplace (for example safe work procedures and control measures)
  • procedures for detailing accidents, incidents or emergencies involving NOA at the workplace
  • workers carrying out work involving NOA (for example consultation, information and training responsibilities)

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure that:

  • a copy of the asbestos management plan is readily accessible
  • the plan is maintained to ensure the information is up to date, and reviewed and as necessary revised if the plan is no longer adequate to manage the risk
  • training is provided to workers

For further information on managing NOA refer to section 5.1 of the Code of Practice - How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace.