Cleaning up after cyclones, storms and floods

For the safety of you and your family, it is important to follow any instructions given by the Territory Emergency Controller during or after an emergency situation. Employers and workers involved in clean-up and recovery activities must comply with Northern Territory work health and safety laws at all times.

The presence of damaged asbestos containing material (ACM) is just one of the many hazards you could encounter following a natural disaster. For general information about preparing for or recovering from an emergency in the Northern Territory visit the Secure NT website.

To minimise health risks homeowners should:

  • it is recommended that a licenced asbestos removalist is used to safely remove the asbestos
  • wear protective clothing during clean-up
  • avoid removing or disturbing ACM unless absolutely necessary
  • avoid breaking ACM
  • avoid walking on corrugated asbestos roof sheets as they may collapse under weight
  • not use power tools or abrasive materials on ACM
  • avoid using high pressure water to clean the surface of ACM
  • make sure ACMs remain wet during removal
  • thoroughly shower and wash hair, hands and fingernails after handling asbestos
  • double bag or double wrap ACM and waste using 200 μm (0.2 mm minimum thickness) polythene bags or sheets
  • not dispose of asbestos waste with household rubbish
  • contact your nearest licenced asbestos disposal facility to arrange disposal